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Our research frequently appears in the international news media. On this page, you can view just a small selection of stories citing our work.

The Economist: Ink Blots

Financial Times: Tattoos bring a new form of body language to the office

Financial Times: Why millennials are uncovering tattoos at work

BBC News: Should anti-tattoo discrimination be illegal?

BBC News: Tattoos shouldn't be a barrier to hiring, says employer advice group

The Guardian: How would you react if you met a tattooed police officer?

The Guardian: Brexit brain drain: elite universities say they are losing future research stars

Washington Post: Tattoos employees can improve your company's image

CNN: Weight discrimination is bigger problem than you may think, experts say

Fortune: Donald Trump's Fat Shaming Reflects Weight-Based Prejudice in the Workplace

Fox News: Employers are more likely to hire skinny women

The Independent: Having tattoos no longer affects you chances of getting a job, study finds

Bloomberg: No Pain No Gain as Tattoo Regret Fuelling Laser Removals

Huffington Post: Tattoos Still Reduce Chances of Getting Hired, Study Finds

Newsweek: Tattoos No Longer Impede Getting a Job, Study Finds

The Telegraph: 'Thugs and druggies' - what job interviewers think when they see a tattoo

The Daily Mail: Tattoos can IMPROVE your chances of getting hired

World Economic Forum: The key to a vibrant democracy may well lie in your workplace

The Sun: Shoe-Ink for a Job

Men's Health: Are Your Tattoos Costing You a Job?

Inside Higher Ed: Academic Minute

Allure: Tattoos May Actually Help You Get Hired for a Job

Metro: Tattoos may actually help you get hired so let's all get inked

The Spectator: Tattoos are sad and stupid - we should discriminate against people with them

RT: No tattoo if you want the job

The Korea Times: Tattoos seen as liability for service employees

New York Daily News: Will having a tattoo cost you a job? Maybe, researcher says What does you boss think of your tattoos?

Mic: The Surprising Way Tattoos Can Give Women an Advantage over Men

Broadly: Having Tattoos Can Actually Help You Get Hired

BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed interview

Yahoo: Tattoos may Actually Help You Get Hired for a Job

Marie Claire: Having a tattoo can actually help you get hired, study says

ABC: When accents impact employability

Cosmopolitan: The surprising thing you didn't know could help you get a job

Los Angeles Times: A few extra pounds can hurt your job chances - more so if you're a woman

Chicago Tribune: Even an extra 5 pounds can hurt your job chances

Sydney Morning Herald: Inked and Employable

Government News: Council CEOs 'hung out to dry' on stress burden

Harvard Business Review: Defend Your Research

BBC News: Tattoos at work: Are they still an issue?

The West Australian: Working to live

The Daily Telegraph: 'Job stopper' or conversation starter?

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